1. Ruch Weather by Wunderground (Wells Land Weather Station)
  2.   Applegater - Applegate Valley Community News Magazine
  3.     Jacksonville Review - Local newspaper, published in charming historic Jacksonville, Oregon by Whitman and Jo Parker, featuring local events, dining, lodging, shopping, news, and advertiser specials.
  4.       Medford Alert
  5.     KDRV.com
  6.     KOBI5
  7.     KTVL
  8.     Mail Tribune
  9.     SWOFIRE - South West Oregon Fire Updates
  10. Jackson County Police and Fire - Live Audio Feed Web Player

    Jackson County Police and Fire - Live Audio Feed Web Player
  11. News Released by the Jackson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) in Central Point, OR

  12. News Talk Radio 106.3 / 106.7 (formerly 1440 AM) KMED and KCMD by Bicoastal Media - Brocasting out of Medford, OR

    KMED/KCMD News Talk Radio 106.3 / 106.7 - Medford, OR Broadcast
  13. U.S. Power Grid Status/Outages
  14. Air Quality
  15. Earthquake status:
    1. Quakes Global Incident Map (GIM)
    2. Twitter
  16. Tsunami status
  17. Buoy measurements
  18. Radiation levels
  19. Global Incident Map: Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News
  20. U.S. Debt by usdebtclock.org
    U.S. debt: 12/01/2022 by usdebtclock.org

    December 1st, 2022

    U.S. Treasury Fiscal Data: Debt to the Penny by treasury.gov

  21. Price of Silver, Gold by kitco.com